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Dillon the Pickle and Lil’ King Hold Press Conference in Portland

The Corvallis Knights one and only Lil’ King held a press conference this morning with Dillon the Pickle of the Portland Pickles. After much horse play, the two rival mascots settled down for the press conference and didn’t say much (actually nothing at all). So, Pickles’ owner Alan Miller and Knights CEO Dan Segel took over and not only announced an exciting collaborative effort – a future game – but the rules of a future game that Dillon imagined in 2050 (with of course with help from his buddy Lil’ King).

Alan and Dan went over the rules, announced that the exhibition will be played on Independence Day at Walker Stadium in SE Portland between the Knights and Pickles and that there are more details to come (such as futuristic uniforms and other fun stuff to unveil).

Below are the rules of the game, inspired by Knights Baseball Club member and former Knights pitcher Doug Nichols.

Check it out, as this futuristic game is going to be fast-paced, remarkable and definitely a new twist on America’s Pastime.

Official Future Game Rules

1. Odd Innings: Flip Option

During odd innings, batters can flip their direction of travel when running the bases (during the 3rd, 5th, 7th innings). In odd innings, that is, a runner can go clockwise if they choose when the bases are empty, a man on second or men on first and third. It all means more action, more strategy and potential chaos on the bases.

2. Yellow Bonus Balls (bonus balls are good for only one pitch)

● With the bonus ball, a called, swinging or fouled strike is an immediate out.

● And a ball is an immediate walk.

● And any base hit counts double the value of its total base.

Either team can call a bonus ball, either when on offense or defense.

Each team gets (7) bonus balls, with a maximum of 2 to be used per inning.

3. 8 Defenders in the field

● The defenders can be placed wherever the team’s manager chooses. Each team may have 2 DHs.

4. Pitch Clock

● Pitchers will have 15 seconds to throw pitch or make pick-off throw; otherwise, an automatic ball will be called.

5. 7 Inning Contest

● If the game is tied after 7 innings, the contest goes to home-run derby; rules determined on the spot. It’s a slug off!

6. Bunting

● Any bunt hit, as judged by officials, counts as automatic double. Any bunt attempt that goes foul is an automatic out.

7. Halftime (Fourth-Inning Extended Stretch)

● 15 Minute Break.

● Fireworks!

This is the future of baseball, at least that’s what Dillion (and Lil’ King) tell us.

Gates at Walker Stadium will open at 5:35 on July 4th. The Pickles and Knights will play their regularly schedule WCL league game at 1 p.m. on July 4th. Each game has a separate ticket for admission. For more information visit

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