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We will soon be offering internships beginning in February 2021 and continuing through the end of August 2021. In addition to weekly office hours, interns are encouraged to participate in staff meetings and community events, both pre-season and in-season. The season includes a minimum of 32 home games, plus additional events at the stadium. Attendance at these events is recommended. While each internship has a focus area, we are a small organization and everyone wears multiple hats. Flexibility and collaboration are key parts of our program.


The Corvallis Knights internship program exposes students to the sports business world through a wide range of pre-season projects and summer assignments that require teamwork, critical thinking, creativity, enthusiasm and commitment. The program’s environment allows for students to enhance their business acumen; garnering practical experience and making key contacts (networking).

Available Roles

Box Office Operations & Ticket Sales

Hospitality & Concessions Operations

Community Events & Youth Programs

Live Stream Video Production

Facilities Operations

Merchandise Operations & Sales

Promotions & In-Game Entertainment

Social Media & Marketing

Stadium DJ & Video Board Operator


All internships are unpaid and the learning experiences must complement your academic and career goals (verified by a faculty sponsor letter) or earn academic credit.

Application Deadline

Applications will continue to be accepted until all positions are filled.

Food & Beverage Seasonal Jobs


Prior food service experience is helpful but not required. Must be 16 or older. Contact Jennifer at f&[email protected] with any questions.

Available Roles

Alcohol Servers


Food Preparation


Mascot Seasonal Job: Mack the Knight


The Corvallis Knights Mack the Knight mascot is a fun, outgoing individual who isn’t afraid to move and jump around in order to get a crowd excited about the Corvallis Knights!

Job Description

Mack the Knight must be an outgoing individual who works well with others and can engage with fans of all ages. He/she must be in strong physical condition to wear a multi-layer costume, endure high temperatures and stand, walk, run or dance for extended periods of time. Mack must be able to read individuals’ social cues to understand the level of interaction each fan may want. Ideal applicants for this position should have a creative and energetic personality with the ability to motivate others and have a passion for having fun.

This position may include opportunities in the following areas:

  • Represent the Corvallis Knights at home games and at a wide range of events throughout the Corvallis area
  • Meet and greet fans prior to, during and after events
  • Perform duties in a respectful manner deemed acceptable according to the team standards


Being Mack the Knight is a paid position, part-time, hourly at minimum wage. Must be able to attend all home games. Some community appearances are required as well, flexible scheduling. FLSA & Employment Status: part-time seasonal. Exempt.

Working for the Knights


Before applying for a position, please take a brief moment to review our core values. We are an equal opportunity employer, and are looking for attitude over aptitude. Key traits of a Knight are: passion for people and the work, great enthusiasm, strong work ethic, willingness to be flexible and commitment to critical thinking.


We are incredibly proud of our alums. We are truly a Knights Family and stay connected with many of our former interns, staff and players. Intern alums have gone on to work for:



New York Yankees

Seattle Mariners

Portland Trail Blazers

Portland Timbers

San Diego Padres

NBA League Office

Sports Illustrated

JetBlue Airways Headquarters

University of Oregon Athletic Department

Fred Meyer Headquarters

Nocking Point Winery

Van Vleet Meats

Reser’s Fine Foods

Additional Info

If you receive an interview, please come prepared by arriving on-time, in business attire and with at least two copies of your resume. It is in your best interest to do research on the Knights and the West Coast League and to come with relevant questions about the organization and the roles you applied for. When applying for a position, you will be asked for three references. These references may be contacted in the event that you are under serious consideration for a position.

We are a drug-free workplace. Consuming drugs or alcohol at the office or stadium, or showing up under the influence of drugs or alcohol, is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate termination. Business attire is expected in our office. While representing the team publicly, you are expected to maintain appropriate grooming and personal hygiene.

The Corvallis Knights are equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, sex, national origin, disabilities status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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