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Youngjin Yoon - Master Skill developer

New and Better is the Way.

Meet Master Yoon

Youngjin Yoon was born and raised in Busan, South Korea. He began his coaching career with the Lotte Giants of the Korea Professional Baseball League. After working for the Giants, he moved to the United States to further his education, and earned a master’s degree in kinesiology from Michigan State University. A dedicated family man, he worked as an assistant coach at Riverside City College under legendary RCC head baseball coach Dennis Rogers and has also assisted at Linn-Benton CC and Cal State Bakersfield. Since the 2016 season, Yoon has worked with the Corvallis Knights as an assistant coach under skipper Brooke Knight. Yoon is a brilliant man who leverages love and great energy to help players maximize their potential.


Master Skill Development

Yoon is an advanced skill developer (PDF) who has mastered the art of flexibility, agility and training, as well as functional pitching movements that translate to mound performance. His teaching is focused on improving range of motion, endurance and overall health; including mental and physical health. Physical healthwise, Yoon is an expert at identifying mechanical issues and working on areas of improvement, including body control and balance, functional movement, and body awareness. Mental healthwise, he is an expert at mental conditioning, skill breathing and focal training.

Arm Care & Preparation

Pitching Mechanics

Pitching Development


Speed & Agility


It's All About The Love

Master Yoon’s positive energy and loving way make him a Corvallis Knights catalyst. He is able to take a group of individuals from rival schools and different backgrounds and bring them together as a team that genuinely cares for one another. He does this in short order. His love and energy are simply contagious. This love was evidenced no more than by Abbott Haffar, a two-year Knights’ pitcher, who was set to close Game 3 of the 2019 West Coast League Championship Series. In his final game as a Knight, Abbott asked head coach Brooke Knight to pull him with one out remaining so that a teammate who had worked hard to improve his skills and who was a great teammate could get the chance to record the season’s final out. Coach Knight did just that and Colton Meyer finished the game and enjoyed the thrill of a dogpile from his position on the mound. Now that is love and unselfishness at its finest, and it’s inspired by coach Yoon.

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Teaching Certificate of Qualifications – Minister of Education

Sports Leaders Regarding Disabled People Certificate – Korea Welfare Promotion Association for the Disabled

Power Lifting Certificate of Qualifications – Korean Association of Power Lifting

Sports Massage & Chiropractic Certificate of Qualifications – Korea Hawal Bup Youth Promotion Association

Sports Leaders for Children Certificate of Qualifications – Korea Sports Training Association

Exercise Prescription Certificate of Qualifications – Sports For All Busan Association

Awarded a Letter of Appointment for Leader of Life Athletics for West-District of Busan City – The National Council of Sports for All

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certificate of Qualifications – Korean Red Cross

Sports Certificate of Qualifications (Strength and Conditioning) – Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism

Sports Certificate of Qualifications (Baseball) – Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism

For more information on Coach Yoon, please email [email protected].

Slide ZAK TAYLOR "Yoon is one of the most kind-hearted people I have been around. He has always been fully invested in the guys around him and genuinely wants to help guys get better. Yoon was consistently at the field hours before games to work with guys one-on-one helping to improve their game. The energy he brings to the park day-to-day is unmatched and is a joy to be around. Lastly, Yoon has provided me with so much knowledge pertaining to the mental game and I’m forever grateful to have had him as a coach and mentor." Corvallis Knights Player of the Decade Slide JORDAN QSAR "Yoon has the ability to create a personal relationship unique to any coach I have had before. No matter the circumstance, Yoon wants every player he encounters to development to their full potential and he will work along your side the whole way. I had the pleasure of getting to know Yoon this past summer with the Corvallis Knights, where I made a huge jump in my game. Yoon worked with me from day one conquering a side of the game I had never attempted to improve before, mentality. I brought what he taught to every at bat, which I attribute to my improvement this past summer. I had the privilege of working with Yoon on the pitching side of the game as well. We focused on a variety of movements that helped me find a firm grounding of my legs on the mound. I gained 2 mph to my fastball in just 3 months. I wasn’t the only success story either, staff wide we had guys reaching new top velocities week by week. Yoon without a doubt was the reason for these results." Tampa Bay Prospect Outfielder Slide TRENTON TOPLIKAR "In as short as two months, Yoon taught me how to maximize my potential through individual and team instructions. Yoon helped me control and stabilize my body resulting in greater power and more explosive mechanics. Yoon is the reason you come to the field every day. His energy is infectious and his personality makes you happy and eager to learn. Not only did Yoon help me with the physical side of baseball through mechanical instruction and arm care, but he also helped me become stronger mentally through his knowledge of the mental game of baseball. He develops relationships with his players and understands how to help every individual reach their potential. Yoon has made one of the greatest positive impacts on my athletic career by creating lifelong habits of staying healthy and becoming stronger in all capacities, and this came through his dedication and knowledge to teaching players through his effective and unique coaching ability." San Francisco Prospect Pitcher Slide CONNOR LAMBERT "Yoon has unique talents that are exceptional compared to most ‘here today gone tomorrow’, methods to arm care. His energy and passion that he works with help create an elite environment for any young athlete, paired with a holistic approach to the overall skill training. Master Yoon is the edge that many young players and college programs are looking for." University of Portland PItching Coach Slide KOLBY SOMERS "I don’t think there’s a person on this planet that doesn’t appreciate the presence of Yoon. He never fails to bring positivity to the field everyday. It is truly remarkable how determined Yoon is to help his players get better every day. His creative drills, uplifting energy, and unique teaching skills are just some of many great attributes Yoon has. I learned more from Coach Yoon this summer then I have ever learned in my entire life. He has deep care for all of his players and will not let you go a day without getting better. Yoon is an unbelievebly talented coach, mentor, and person, and I am very lucky to be able to have him as a coach." University of Oregon Pitcher Slide ROLANDO GARZA "Yoon has combined Southeast Asia and Western Hemisphere methods to player development into an approach that transcends conventional instruction and teaching. His ability to lead, communicate and gain players trust is a gold standard for aspiring coaches and teachers. Skill development for each position and a holistic approach is the separator for Yoon. He can identify ways to create player enhancement techniques at each respective position. The mental game and creating corridors to developing the mental, emotional and physical components make Yoon an absolute master at skill development." Tampa Bay Rays Pitching Coordinator Slide CHAD STEVENS "Yoon is the embodiment of a winning culture. He brings unbelievable positive energy to the field every day and understands how to balance fun with focus. You will not meet a person that cares more about the players and team anywhere. He sacrifices countless hours of his own time to help players with anything from the mental game to mechanics. The mental game is one of Yoon’s many expertise and something that he has helped me with tremendously. He helped me take my mental game to the next level through challenging me daily with drills and conversations all while allowing my confidence to grow. Yoon brings the best out of everyone around him and has an uncanny ability to make a team come together. I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with Yoon. Yoon is simply the best and there is no better person or coach to bring into any program." University of Portland Shortstop Slide RYAN GIPSON "Yoon’s impact on everyone he comes in contact with is special. He has a way of providing energy to all that are around him. This ability transcends well beyond the baseball field where he has impacted countless players and coaches. I am grateful to have worked with Yoon and have seen the impact he has on young men. His attention to the individual athlete and how he views development holistically is unique and unmatched. His passion to develop athletes mentally, physically, and mechanically is as good as it gets. Two words to describe Yoon = Energy and Passion." Oregon State University Assistant Coach Slide ELI MORSE "Yoon is a tremendous asset for the Corvallis Knights as a leader, mentor and coach. His drive and passion for the game are second to none, and this quickly translates to his players. I saw growth in my pitching mechanics as well as a much better mental approach to the game while working with him. Yoon uses his fiery personality to push players to new heights they might not have known were possible. On top of all these skills, Yoon’s ability to cultivate a winning culture in Corvallis is evident. He helps unite the team with one common goal, and always has the team hungry for an opportunity to compete." University of Portland Pitcher
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